What makes a Sara Di Maria event so unique are the personalized services.

Thanks to the experience and creativity of my most trusted collaborators, I will make every detail of your marriage proposal or special event magical. 



Over time, I have chosen the best collaborators, in order to guarantee a service that is always impeccable and of the highest level.

My team and I will plan the most suitable event for you, creating every detail right up to the decisive moment, the proposal, extremely personal and unmistakable.

With our help, your marriage proposal will be absolutely memorable!


  • A professional writer to put the music you feel in your heart into words, or to help you to write the most romantic proposal.


  • Selected artisans will create the most suitable engagement ring for you. A retro-style ring, for example, or perhaps something you have designed yourself.



  •  You will be able to choose the most beautiful flowers and compositions, with their language of love and in line with your loved one’s taste.

  • I will choose the best photographers and video makers to immortalise this wonderful moment.


  • The most popular artists, the most romantic music, or something for true rockers, singers, and dancers, as well as extra figures for your most important scene.
  • Unforgettable locations and settings for your perfect events, from lights to set-ups. There is no limit to the imagination.

  • From the most classic and secluded locations, such as period homes or classical romantic places, to the craziest and most extravagant settings.